Use These Transcriptionists Instead of Rev

Like WeWork, Uber, Amazon, YouTube, DoorDash, and every tech platform you rely on to live in the 21st century, the transcription service Rev recently screwed over the people who do the actual work. They dropped the minimum rate for their contracted transcriptionists by 33%, to effectively less than $5 an hour.… Read more…

Can Snacks Create Office Harmony? These M’sians Said Yes, And Made A Business Out Of It.

The word ‘pantry’ in offices has practically become synonymous to ‘snacks’ because that’s what you’ll likely find in those sinful cupboards. Many offices pride themselves on having a well-stocked pantry, and you’ll see several examples when you go onto job-searching platform WOBB. But are snacks in the office really so important? In a Vulcan Post…(Continue Reading)